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Without a Prescription

Actos (and the similar drug Avandia) can be prescribed alone or in combination with insulin injections or other oral diabetes medications such as DiaBeta, Micronase, Glucotrol, or Glucophage.
Actos can be prescribed in combination with metformin or another type of antidiabetic drug known as a sulphonylurea, eg gliclazide, or both, for people with type 2 diabetes whose blood sugar is not controlled by the maximum doses of these drugs.
Actos can be prescribed on its own to treat people with type 2 diabetes, particularly overweight people, whose blood sugar is not sufficiently controlled by diet and exercise alone, and who cannot take metformin. Metformin is the standard first-line drug for overweight people with type 2 diabetes inadequately controlled by diet.
Actos helps to lower blood glucose levels by increasing the sensitivity of liver, fat and muscle cells, to insulin. This enables the cells to remove glucose from the blood more effectively. Pioglitazone reduces the amount of glucose produced by the liver, and preserves the functioning of the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. The overall effect of Actos is therefore to help the body control blood sugar levels and prevent them becoming too high.
Actos is prescribed for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.
Actos is prescribed to control high blood sugar in type 2 diabetes. This form of the illness usually stems from the body's inability to make good use of insulin, the natural hormone that helps to transfer sugar out of the blood and into the cells, where it's converted to energy. Actos works by improving the body's response to its natural supply of insulin, rather than increasing its insulin output. Actos reduces the production of unneeded sugar in the liver.
Actos tablets contain the active ingredient pioglitazone hydrochloride, which is a type of drug called a thiazolidinedione or glitazone. It is prescribed to help control blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.
It can be prescribed in combination with insulin for type 2 diabetics whose blood sugar is not sufficiently controlled by insulin and who cannot take metformin.
People with diabetes have a deficiency or absence of a hormone produced by the pancreas called insulin. Insulin is the main hormone responsible for the control of sugar in the blood. In type 2 diabetes the pancreas does not produce sufficient insulin and the cells of the body are resistant to the low levels of insulin circulating in the blood. Insulin would normally make the cells remove sugar from the blood, hence in type 2 diabetes blood sugar levels can rise too high.

Side Effects

Actos side effects that you should report to your health care professional or doctor as soon as possible:
- Blood in the urine;
- Decreased sense of touch;
- Difficulty in sleeping;
- Dizziness;
- Excess gas in the stomach and intestines;
- Excessive fluid retention in the body tissues, resulting in swelling;
- Headache;
- Hypoglycemia;
- Impotence;
- Low blood glucose level, particularly if taken in combination with a sulphonylurea drug, eg gliclazide, or insulin;
- Low red blood cell count;
- Muscle aches;
- Pain in the joints;
- Presence of glucose in the urine;
- Presence of protein in the urine;
- Respiratory tract infection;
- Sinus inflammation;
- Sore throat;
- Sweating;
- Swelling;
- Tooth disorder;
- Upper airway infections;
- Visual disturbances;
- Weight gain;



The recommended starting dose of Actos is 15 to 30 mg once a day.

When Actos is added to other diabetes medications, your doctor may need to lower their dosage if you develop low blood sugar. If you are taking insulin, the dose should be lowered when blood sugar readings fall below 100.

If this fails to bring your blood sugar under control, the dose can be increased to a maximum of 45 mg a day. If your blood sugar still remains high, the doctor may add a second medication.

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