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Without a Prescription

Arimidex, with the generic name of Anastrozole, works by blocking the usage of estrogen by certain cases of cancer requiring estrogen to maturate.
Arimidex is prescribed to treat Breast Cancer.


Have a talk with your physician prior to deciding to use Arimidex. If you are suffering from any medical ailment or are taking other medications, you may be specially monitored during the treatment process or have dosage adjustments.
Arimidex is under the drug group FDA Pregnancy Category D. It is therefore not recommended for use by pregnant moms as this harms an unborn fetus. Breastfeeding mothers are also warned not to take Arimidex as it is not made certain if Arimidex passes into breast milk.

Intake Guidelines

Arimidex must be taken per your doctor's instruction. Should you have any clarifications in the letter ask your doctor, nurse or pharmacist.
Each dose of Arimidex is commonly taken with a full glass or 8 ounces of water once a day. It is not a stomach irritant so it can be taken on a full or empty stomach.

Missed Dose

Unless directed by your doctor, Arimidex must not be double dosed. Should you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember unless it is almost time for your next scheduled dose. Otherwise, forego the missed dose and proceed with the next one.


Over dosage of Arimidex is not fatal. Nonetheless if a very large dose has been taken, phone an emergency room or poison control left immediately.

Side Effects

Stop intake of Arimidex if you experience any of the following conditions and seek immediate medical attention:
- Closing of the throat;
- Difficulty in breathing;
- Swelling of the lips, tongue, face, or hives;

Minor side effects are also probable to occur. In any case, continue use of Arimidex and see your doctor:
- Constipation;
- Diarrhea;
- Dizziness;
- Headache;
- Hot flashes;
- Loss of appetite;
- Muscle or bone pain;
- Nausea or vomi ting;
- Rashes;
- Shortness of breath or coughing;
- Swelling or water retention;
- Vaginal dryness;
- Weakness;
- Weight gain;

If you feel other reactions that are particularly unusual, tell your doctor.


Though there are no known interactions between Arimidex and other medicaments, consult your doctor first before deciding to take other prescribed or over-the-counter medicines.

Other Brand Names

In some countries Arimidex may also be known as:
- Altraz;
- Anaskebir;
- Anastraze;
- Anastrozole;
- Anebol;
- Aromenal;
- Distalene;
- Gondonar;
- Leprofen;
- Pantestone;
- Puricap;
- Trozolet;
- Trozolite;

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