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Without a Prescription

Bromocriptine is prescribed in the treatment of patients who are suffering from amenorrhea infertility, abnormally high breast milk production.


Bromocriptine is contraindicated if you have any of the following conditions:
- Previous heart attack;
- Heart disorder;
- Any other type of severe disorders;


The average symptoms that could be triggered by an overdose with this product are known to generally include:
- Confusion;
- Constipation;
- Dizziness;
- Drowsiness;
- Hallucinations;
- Nausea;
- Pale skin;
- Sweating;
- Vomiting;
- Yawning;

Side Effects

You should immediately end your treatment with Bromocriptine at once and seek emergency medical care if you develop any signs of an allergic reaction to Bromocriptine such as:
- Breathing difficulties;
- Closing of the throat;
- Hives;
- Swelling of the tongue lips or face;

Intake of Bromocriptine could also trigger some other, less severe, but far more common side effects such as:
- Abdominal cramps;
- Constipation;
- Diarrhea;
- Dizziness;
- Drowsiness;
- Dry mouth;
- Headache;
- Mild vomiting;
- Nasal stuffiness;
- Nausea;


Before a patient may start to follow a treatment with Bromocriptine you should inform your personal health care provider if you are currently using any of these drugs:
- Terbutaline (Bricanyl Brethine);
- Phenylpropanolamine;
- Erythromycin (Ery-Tab E-Mycin EES others);
- Albuterol (Ventolin Proventil Volmax);

An interaction between the medicines that have been listed here and Bromocriptine could have severe consequences. The effects of an intake with our product could be decreased by simultaneous intake of a phenothiazine like:
- Chlorpromazine (Thorazine);
- Fluphenazine (Prolixin);
- Mesoridazine (Serentil);
- Perphenazine (Trilafon);
- Thioridazine (Mellaril);


In some countries Bromocriptine may also be known as:
- Antiprotin;
- Bagren;
- Bromocorn;
- Bromocriptine;
- Bromohexal;
- Bromo-Kin;
- Butin;
- Cehapark;
- Crilem;
- Criten;
- Ergolaktyna;
- Grifocriptina;
- Kriptiser;
- Kripton;
- Medocriptine;
- Mesiken;
- Pravidel;
- Prigost;
- Provasyn;
- Serocryptin;
- Umprel;

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