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Without a Prescription

Feldene is prescribed for treating the following:
- Arthritis, back pains, muscular pains, headaches;
- Decreasing fever;
- Slight pains brought about by the typical cold;

Feldene obstructs the enzymes, which lead to the development of prostaglandins, in the patient's body. By doing this, Feldene ensures that inflammations, fever and aches brought about by the typical cold are reduced.


Feldene must not be utilised to treat pains prior to or after a CABG surgery (Coronary Artery Heart Bypass).
Please tell your doctor if you suffer or experience one or more of the following conditions:
- Allergies;
- Blood disorders;
- Blood pressure disorders;
- Cardiac complications;
- Edema;
- Expecting a baby or breast feeding a baby;
- Intake of alcohol or cigarette smoking;
- Kidney and liver complications;
- Nasal growths;

Do not utilise Feldene if you have suffered from kidney complications in the past or have had a CABG operation.
If you are still in doubt as to utilisation of Feldene, please get in touch with your doctor or chemist for further information and clarifications about the Feldene medication.


Utilising Feldene with other drugs or substances may affect its effectiveness. Please inform your physician or chemist about all the other treatments that you might be following or all the other drugs that you might be taking.
Do not cease Feldene utilisation or begin treatment with Feldene without first consulting a doctor.
If you are being administered HIV protease inhibitors, heparins or tacrolimus, do not follow the Feldene therapy.
Your dosage schedule or medical condition might require close supervision if you are taking the following along with Feldene:-
- Ace inhibitors;
- Aminoglycoside antibiotics;
- Aspirin;
- Bisphosphonates of the likes of risedronate;
- Blood thinners of the likes of warfarin;
- Coticosteroids of the likes of prednisone;
- Cyclosporine;
- Lithium;
- Methotrexate;
- Serotin re-uptake blocker drugs;
- Water pills of the likes of furosemide;

Side Effects

Feldene allergic reactions are highly improbable, however if you experience a Feldene allergic reaction, get in touch as soon as possible with your doctor as you will require medical treatment.
Below are the Feldene side effects that will disappear during the Feldene therapy:-
- Bowel complications;
- Giddiness, sleepiness, headaches;
- Throwing up;

However, if the above Feldene side effects fail to disappear or become irritating, please get in touch with your doctor for treatment.
If you experience one or more of the Feldene side effects listed below, please get in touch with your doctor for immediate medical treatment:-
- Edema;
- Eyesight complications;
- Fatigue or extreme exhaustion;
- Fits or seizures;
- Pains in the chest;
- Pains in the stomach;
- Panting or breathing and swallowing difficulties;
- Ringing in the ears;
- Soreness in the mouth;
- Temporary unconsciousness;
- Unexpected bleeding of the nose;
- Urine disorders;


If you feel that you might be experiencing a Feldene overdose, please get in touch urgently with a centre for poison control or an emergency room.

Possible indications of a Feldene overdose are:
- Confused state of mind;
- Diarrhea;
- Feelings of nausea;
- Throwing up;

Intake Guidelines

Feldene must be taken along with a full glass of water. After administration of Feldene, you must not lie down for a period of half an hour. If Feldene causes upset stomach, then it may be taken along with a meal to avoid this.
If you have missed a Feldene dosage and are following a dosage schedule of 1 Feldene dosage per day, then you may take the dosage as soon as you remember. However, if you realise that you have missed the Feldene dosage of the previous day, do not take a dosage on the same day to make up for the missed dosage.
Follow your usual Feldene dosage.
You should follow the instructions given to you by the doctor closely. Read the medication guide which comes along with the Feldene drug carefully.

Other Brand Names

In some countries Feldene may also be known as:
- Anartrit;
- Arthremin;
- Benisan;
- Brexidol;
- Brexin;
- Brionot;
- CP-Pirox;
- Docpiroxi;
- Fabopxicam;
- Farmoxicam;
- Flamalit;
- Flodeneu;
- Flogocan;
- Flogosine;
- Homocalmefyba;
- Inflamene;
- Inflanan;
- Jenapirox;
- Lisedema;
- Maxtol;
- Micar;
- Mobicam DT;
- Mobilat Akut Piroxicam;
- Mobilis;
- Nac;
- Nalgesic;
- Nu-Pirox;
- Osteocalmine;
- Oxi-Reul;
- PC-20;
- Piro KD;
- Pirohexal-D;
- Piromed;
- Pirorheum;
- PirorheumA;
- Pirox;
- Piroxistad;
- Piroxitop;
- Piroxymed;
- Polydene;
- Pro-Roxikam;
- Reucam;
- Reumador;
- R-Tyflam;
- Rumadene;
- Rumaxicam;
- Solicam;
- Solocalm;
- Sotilen;
- Suganril;
- Synoxicam;
- Tirovel;
- Tonimed;
- Trixicam;
- Vidapirocam;
- Vitaxicam;
- Xycam;
- Zelis;
- Zerospasm;
- Zitumex;

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