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Without a Prescription

Singulair is a popular leukotriene inhibitor that has proven itself to be highly effective in the prevention of asthma attacks. Singulair is suitable for both adults and children over 2 years old. Singulair can also be prescribed to relieve sneezing and / or runny nose or any other allergy symptoms.
Singulair is a popular medicine that is widely prescribed to both adults and children who are suffering from allergic reactions. Singulair can also effectively prevent the narrowing of the patient's lungs air passages (exercise-induced bronchoconstriction). However, Singulair could also serve some other purposes that have not been listed here.


You should not use Singulair (Singulair) to stop an asthma attack that has started already, as Singulair's ingredients are unable to work fast enough to help reverse your asthma symptoms. Do not stop your treatment with Singulair without your physician's approval. If your symptoms have worsened or if they have not improved at all after a couple of weeks of treatment with Singulair, you should alert your personal health care provider as soon as possible.
If you are taking Singulair to prevent allergy or asthma symptoms you must not start taking it to treat exercise-induced bronchoconstriction. You should not start a treatment with Singulair if you are suffering from known allergic reactions to any of Singulair's main ingredients. Before you start taking Singulair, you should inform your personal doctor if you are allergic to any foods, dyes, preservatives or other substances (this includes other medicines). Patients who are suffering from liver disorders should not start taking Singulair, or should use a lower dose of Singulair. Their treatment with Singulair should be closely monitored by an authorized medical health care provider. They will probably have to undergo several tests during their intake of Singulair.
Singulair is a category B FDA pregnancy drug. Therefore, a treatment with Singulair during pregnancy should not cause any harmful effects to a goring fetus. However, if you are pregnant, or if you might become pregnant soon, you should ask your personal health care provider if it is safe to start taking Singulair. It has not been established whether Singulair's main components are able to pass into the patient's breast milk or not. If you are nursing an infant, ask your personal doctor if it is safe (both for you and for the baby) to start using Singulair.

Intake Guidelines

Ask your personal health care provider to tell you exactly how you should take your doses of Singulair. Do not deviate from any of your physician's instructions. If you fail to understand some of them, you ought to consult a pharmacist or a nurse and ask them to explain them to you. If you need any additional information regarding Singulair you should carefully read the medicine's label.
If you are taking Singulair in order to prevent allergy symptoms or asthma attacks you should take it once per day, preferably in the evening. If you are using Singulair to treat exercise-induced bronchoconstriction, you should take one dose of Singulair per day, 2 hours before you start exercising. You should avoid taking other doses of Singulair within 24 hours since your last one. Ask your personal doctor for further instructions.
Each dose of Singulair should be accompanied by a full glass of liquid. Store Singulair in a place that is far from the reach of pets and children, in order to avoid unpleasant accidents such as poisoning. Keep Singulair in a cool and dry place (avoid storing it in the bathroom or anywhere near the kitchen sink).


Ask your personal health care provider to tell you the proper dose of Singulair that you should take in. Do not deviate from the dose that you have been prescribed by your doctor without his or her approval. You should know that the correct dose of Singulair can vary from one patient to another, as it depends on a variety of factors that include the disorder that you are treating, age, sex, general health condition, etc.


If you think that you could be suffering from an overdose with Singulair you should seek medical care as soon as possible. Alert your local poison control centre and your personal physician right away. You might have to go to the nearest emergency room in order to receive a proper treatment for your medical condition. We have no information regarding the possible symptoms or side effects that could be triggered by an overdose with Singulair.

Missed Dose

In order to get the proper beneficial effects from your treatment with Singulair, you should take your doses of Singulair on a regular basis. If you happen to miss one of your doses of Singulair, you should take it as soon as you recall. However, if it is already time for another dose, you should skip the one that you have missed and proceed with your regular treatment. Do not take extra doses of Singulair without your personal physician's approval, as this is known to increase the risk of developing overdose.

Side Effects

Alert your doctor if you develop any of these dangerous side effects:
- Severe sinus irritation, pain or swelling;
- Bruising, skin rash, numbness, severe tingling, muscle weakness, pain;

Singulair could trigger some other less severe side effects like:
- Cough, sore throat, hoarseness;
- Diarrhea upset stomach, nausea,;
- Headache, dizziness;
- Mouth pain;
- Stuffy nose;
- Tired feeling;


Ask your doctor if you may take other drugs during your treatment with Singulair.

Other Brand Names

In some countries Singulair may also be known as:
- Airon;
- Brondilat;
- Inuvic;
- Kipres;
- Lukasm;
- Montair;
- Montelast;
- Montelukast;

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