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Without a Prescription

Tricor is a popular medicine that is known to effectively reduce a patient's blood levels of triglycerides and cholesterol. High blood levels of triglycerides and cholesterol is known to increase the patient's risk of developing clogged arteries (atherosclerosis).
Tricor medication is generally prescribed to patients who need to lower their blood levels of triglycerides and/or cholesterol. However, this product could also serve some other purposes that have not been listed here. Ask your personal health care provider for more information about Tricor.


Tricor is often accompanied by a treatment schedule that involves exercise, diet and weight control. You should not deviate from the exercise schedule, medication or diet. During your intake of Tricor you should avoid consuming alcoholic beverages, as this is known to raise the patient's triglyceride blood levels. Furthermore, intake of alcoholic beverages during a treatment with Tricor could cause severe liver damage.
Tricor is known to trigger a severe but rare side effect that affects the patient's muscles. You should alert your personal physician as soon as possible if you start to experience abnormal muscle tenderness, pain, or weakness, flu-like symptoms, fever, etc. Patients who suffer from any of the medical conditions that have been listed here should not start a treatment with Tricor:
- Gallbladder disorder;
- Hepatitis;
- Liver cirrhosis;
- Severe kidney disorder;

Before you start a treatment with Tricor you should alert your personal health care provider if you are suffering from:
- Diabetes;
- Hypothyroidism;

In case you are suffering from any of these medical disorders you might have to be prescribed a lower dose of Tricor or you may not be allowed to take Tricor at all. During your treatment with this product you should undergo special tests on a regular basis, so your personal health care provider may properly monitor your treatment.
Tricor is an FDA category C pregnancy drug. Therefore, taking this product during pregnancy could seriously affect a growing fetus. If you are pregnant or if you want to become pregnant any time soon, you should ask your personal physician if you may start taking Tricor. As Tricor's ingredients are thought to pass into breast milk nursing mothers should ask their personal doctor's approval to start a treatment with Tricor.

Intake Guidelines

Ask your personal health care provider to tell you exactly how and when to take Tricor. Do not deviate from your doctor's instructions. If you did not understand the instructions, ask a nurse or a pharmacist to explain it to you. If you want to know more about this product you should read the medicine's label.
Each dose of Tricor should be accompanied by a full glass of liquid. To ensure that the drug's ingredients are effectively absorbed by your body, Tricor should be taking alongside your main meals. You should not use a tablet / pill of Tricor that has been broken. Avoid contact between a tablet's content and your eyes, nose, skin or mouth.
If you are also following a treatment with olestipol (Colestid) or cholestyramine (Questran) you should take it at least 60 minutes after taking your dose of Tricor or six hours before it. It is strictly forbidden to take your doses of these medicines simultaneously.
Tricor should be stored away from heat and moisture, in a cool and dry place. Do not store this product in the bathroom or anywhere near the kitchen sink. Do not keep it in a place that can be easily reached by either pets or children. Tricor pills should be stored in their original packaging (make sure that the moisture-absorbing preservative sack is also in the drug's package).


Ask your personal health care provider to prescribe the proper dose of Tricor that you should take. Do not change the dosage that he or she has prescribed without their express approval.


If you suspect that you might be suffering from an overdose with Tricor, seek medical attention at once. We have no information regarding the possible side effects or symptoms that could be triggered by an overdose of this product.

Missed Dose

If you miss one of you doses of Tricor, you should take it as soon as you recall. If it is time for another dose, skip the one that you have missed and continue your regular schedule. Do not double dose without your physician's approval.

Side Effects

Stop your treatment with Tricor and alert your personal health care provider as soon as possible if you develop any of these dangerous side effects:
- Abnormal weakness;
- Fever;
- Nausea, vomiting;
- Severe stomach pain;

You may continue taking Tricor, but you should alert your physician if you experience any of these less severe, but more common side effects:
- Gas or bloating;
- Indigestion;
- Joint pain;
- Rash;


During your treatment with Tricor you should avoid taking:
- Other cholesterol-lowering drugs;
- Cyclosporine;
- Blood thinners;

Other Brand Names

In some countries Tricor may also be known as:
- Antara;
- Apo-Feno;
- Apo-Feno-Micro;
- CIL;
- Controlip;
- Craveril;
- Docfenofi;
- Durafenat;
- Fegenor;
- Fenobeta;
- Fenobrate;
- Fenofanton;
- Fenofitop;
- Fenogal Lidose;
- Fenogal;
- Fenolip;
- Grofibrat;
- Hypolip;
- Lexemin;
- Lipanthyl;
- Lipanthyl;
- Lipcor;
- Lipidil;
- Lipofen;
- Lipsin;
- Lofibra;
- Minuslip;
- Neo-Disterin;
- Normalip pro;
- Procetoken;
- Scleril;
- Sclerofin;
- Secalip;
- Supralip;
- Triglide;
- Trolip;

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