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Without a Prescription

Ursodiol is a popular medicine that is more widely known under the generic name of Ursodioldiol. A treatment with Ursodiol is known to decrease the cholesterol amount that is produced by the patient's liver, helping to break down the gallbladder stones that have formed from cholesterol. Intake of Ursodiol can also help patients who are suffering from primary billiary cirrhosis, as it can increase the patient's bile flow.
Ursodiol is a popular drug that is generally prescribed to patients who have small gallstones or to overweight patients (in order to prevent them from developing gallstones). However, Ursodiol can be prescribed for some other purposes that have not been mentioned in this guide.


You must not start a treatment with antacids without your personal physician's approval, especially during your intake of Ursodiol (as it prevents your organism from effectively absorbing the medicine). Patients who are taking Ursodiol in order to treat gallstones might have to continue their treatment with Ursodiol for several months. Even after such a long term treatment with Ursodiol, some gallstones might not entirely dissolve. Most patients who have followed a prolonged treatment with Ursodiol will probably develop the same condition (gallstones) a few years after they stop their treatment with it. Your physician knows more about the risk that repeated gallstones involve.
In order to check to see if your treatment with Ursodiol is paying off the proper benefitic effects, you will probably have to undergo a series of medical tests during your treatment with Ursodiol. For example, your personal physician might ask you to undergo periodical ultrasound gallbladder examinations. You might also have to perform kidney tests as well. You should not miss any of you appointments with your personal physician that are related with your intake of Ursodiol.
Patients who are suffering from known allergic reactions to any of Ursodiol's components will probably not be allowed to start taking Ursodiol. Before you start using this product you should inform your personal health care specialist if you are allergic to any dyes, foods, preservatives or any other type of substances (this includes other medicines). Patients who are suffering from kidney or liver disorders might not be permitted to start using Ursodiol.
Ursodiol is a category B FDA pregnancy medicine. Therefore, intake of Ursodiol should not harm a growing fetus in any severe way. However, if you are pregnant you should ask your personal physician whether it is safe (both for you and for your child) to start using Ursodiol. Most female patients are recommended by their doctors to use an effective non hormonal contraceptive method (such as condoms, diaphragm) during their treatment with Ursodiol. If you accidentally become pregnant while using Ursodiol you should alert your personal health care provider as soon as possible. It has not been determined whether Ursodiol's main components are able to pass into the patient's breast milk or not. However, if you are nursing an infant, it is best to ask your doctor if you may start taking Ursodiol.

Intake Guidelines

Before you take your first dose of Ursodiol you should ask your personal health care provider to give you a set of precise directions regarding how and when you should take Ursodiol. You should not disobey from any of your personal doctor's directions. If you have any further questions regarding your intake of Ursodiol you should refer to a nurse or to a pharmacist and ask them for additional explanations. Read the medicine's label for further information about Ursodiol.
Each dose of Ursodiol should be accompanied by a full glass of liquid (juice or water). You may accompany your doses of Ursodiol with your main meals (this is generally recommended to patients who have an irritable stomach).


You should ask your personal health care specialist to give you the exact dose of Ursodiol that you should take in on a regular basis. Do not change either the dose or the dosing schedule that your personal doctor has advised you to follow without his or her consent. During your treatment with Ursodiol, your personal doctor might want to change your initial dose of Ursodiol (this is known to depend on how your body has responded to your treatment with this product).


If you suspect that you might be suffering from an overdose with this product you should seek medical attention at once. The average Ursodiol overdose symptoms include diarrhea.

Missed Dose

Ask your personal physician to tell you what to do in case you miss one of your prescribed doses of Ursodiol. Do not use double doses of Ursodiol without your physician's approval, as this is known to increase your risk of developing an unwanted overdose.

Side Effects

If you develop any symptoms of an allergic reaction to Ursodiol you should stop using Ursodiol and alert your personal physician as soon as possible. A treatment with Ursodiol could also trigger some other less severe side effects that include:
- Back pain;
- Body aches, chills, fever, flu symptoms;
- Diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, constipation;
- Dizziness, tiredness;


During your intake of Ursodiol you should avoid taking colestipol, antacids, estrogens and / or cholestyramine.

Other Brand Names

In some countries Ursodiol may also be known as:
- Adursal;
- Biliepar;
- Cholit-Ursan;
- Cholofalk;
- Delursan;
- Desocol;
- Desoxil;
- Destolit;
- Deursil;
- De-ursil;
- Dexo;
- Dissolursil;
- Fraurs;
- Litoff;
- Proursan;
- Solutrat;
- Solvobil;
- Udiliv;
- Ursidesox;
- Urzac;

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